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Maddie + Pat


What led you to decide on your venue? Did you see many beforehand?

The first time I went to Pat's parent's house in the Blue Mountains I went onto the balcony which overlooks the backyard and I thought to myself...I'm going to marry Pat in this backyard one day. Also we chose the Mountains because Pat grew up there and I have always loved it up there. It's so beautiful and romantic

What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme? And if no theme, the vibe?

I went for a rustic garden party vibe. I wanted the Autumn leaves to set the scene. We had a picnic wedding with rugs spread around the place and a few hay bales. We wanted it to be relaxed and for people to feel relaxed and at home. My friends playing music in the garden under the fairy lights made it feel like a festival. It was perfect and more than I had ever invisaged.

 What was your favourite detail from the day? (Invites, cake, favours etc) Please elaborate.

I loved the flowers. My bouquet and floral wreath were perfect. My sister is so talented and creative with flowers and she made them with love. I felt like my dress went with the flowers and not the other way around.

 Tell us about your photographer and why you chose them?

His name is Deejay and he is not only an incredibly talented photographer but a really lovely guy. I would highly recommend him to anyone getting married. He was so relaxed and blended into the day. He made the whole photo experience really fun. He got some amazing shots of us and our guests and captured the romance of the spectacular Blue Mountains escarpment.

Tell us about the food and drink situation? Was there a highlight/lowlight?

The generaltheme was Italian and European food because my husband and I love this type of food. We had homemade antipasto plates on wooden boards and placed one f them and a picnic basket of goodies on each picnic rug. People could help themselves as they pleased. We then had a wood fired pizza oven cart set up and they pumped out delicious pizza throughout the night. Pat's Mum made homemade lasagne and salads too. The croquembouche was made by a lovely girl Pat knew. We then had little desert bar of cakes to chose from. 

What do you think was the most unique thing about your wedding?

It was in a backyard and we did it all ourselves. Family and friends all chipped in and added their creative flare. It was like a festival with fairy lights and fire pits and picnic rugs sprawled out. People were having so much fun and the dance floor went off as it poured rain.

 Did you undertake any DIY projects? If yes what?

Yeh most of it. I styled it all from second hand stores. I collected fabrics and props from Vinnies and salvo. It was satisfying to know we were thrifty about things and we could recycle things.

Talk to us about your dress? Where was it from? How long did it take to find and how did you find the over all experience?

I designed it myself inspired by two dresses I saw and loved but couldn’t afford. My dress was made by the most beautiful Spanish woman named Marissa Regoza who sewed everything by hand in her little shop in Kings Cross. She has now retired and doesn't usual sew for brides but made an exception for me. Every time I would go for a fitting she would give me some of her wisdom and some beautiful optimistic views she had of marriage. She made my dress and gave mefree pre marriage counselling.

Where did you find your key vendors? (Which specific blogs, magazines, fairs etc if any)

I used Pinterest a lot for inspiration and found my photographer, celebrant and wood fired pizza through word of mouth.

Favourite moment / memory from the day? (Walking down the aisle, getting ready, a funny moment during speeches etc etc). Please elaborate.

Walking down the aisle. My gorgeous husband played his ukulele and sung me down the aisle to a song he wrote about me. Hearing that song and and down the aisle seeing all the faces I loved and meeting him at the end was magic.

 Did you write your own vows? If yes, what was the hardest part of the process?

Yes we did. They were light hearted but very sentimental. I think its always hard to find the words to describe how much you love someone.

Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Have fun with it. Ask all the creative people you know if they want t be involved. Chose vendorsthat you click with. Al of ours were legends and we felt privileged they were part of our day.

Anything you are really glad you did? Or wish you didn’t do? 

 So glad we had it in the backyard and kept it casual. We weren't going to go off and have photos as a couple because we didn’t want to leave the party but glad we did because Deejay got some greta shots.

What does life look like for the two of you now?

We now have a beautiful 6 month old baby boy named Louis. We feel so blessed to have such a gorgeous little family.

Venue Leura, Blue Mountains // Wedding Dress Marrisa Regozo // Bridesmaids Etsy // Hair and Makeup Abbey Love // Grooms + Groomsmen Ted Bakes // Photographer David James // Florist Samambaia Flowers Bronte + Emilie Bell (sister) // Stationary Designed by good friend Ashleigh Bowring // Printer Digital Press, Surry Hills // Catering Self Catered + Alfresco Wood Fired Pizza // Cake Croquembouche by Pat's Friend // Dessert Bar Bakehouse on Wentworth //  Prop Hire Blue Mountains Event Hire // Entertainment Ed Worland and Matt Amery // Celebrant Duncan Smith 

Holly Lincoln-Smith