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Glencora + Brett

How did you meet and how did you know it was true love?

Brett and I both played water polo, we are 2 years apart and played for different teams but new of each other. We first met properly at a mutual friends 21st. I met Brett when i was 17 so i didn’t really know what it was to like to love someone who wasn’t family. I think i realised it was true love when i couldn’t imagine not having him around for the rest of my life.

Tell us about the proposal and the ring?

Brett proposed 2 days after the closing of the London Olympics when we were on holiday on the island of Mallorca, Spain. We went for a walk down to the beach were Brett told me he had a surprise for me, at that point i thought he was proposing, however, he told me to turn around and close my eyes. In my head i was thinking “hmmm i dont think thats how its done?”. He then proceeds to do a necklace up around my neck. That completely threw me! I looked down to see a masculine style silver chain in which i immediately started trying to think “when will i ever wear this!?” i turned around to look at Brett and he was holding a little box with a gorgeous single solitaire diamond on a simple white gold band. At that moment he managed to squeak out... “marry me?” He was so nervous he had forgotten everything else he wanted to say!

From the beginning, what kind of wedding did you want? What was your wedding style?

I always knew i wanted to get married outside, down south in the Margaret River Region of Western Australia. I wanted a relaxed wedding in a garden surrounded by nature and gorgeous flowers. My mum used the word “whimsical” to describe my flowers... Thinking of someone running thru a field with their hands and arms outstretched scooping up bunches of flowers. So that’s kind of the word that we used to describe our casual, floaty kind of style.

What was your theme and colour palette? Why did you choose it? What décor elements did you incorporate throughout the wedding?

I really didn't approach the wedding planning with a theme as such, i coincidently ran a bit of a green theme after i was gifted some table runners that were green. Being outside amongst bushland and vineyards, green seemed like a good idea anyway! Brett and i really wanted to minimise the cost of the wedding without skimping on things we believed that mattered (eg, food and drink). With that being said, the decorations and styling were quite eclectic including borrowed table vases full of green apples and honky nuts (that my niece and nephew collected the morning of), mismatched tea cups and sourcers, pinterest craft ideas and gorgeous “whimsical field flowers” that my talented aunty put together.

Did you embrace of steer clear of any DIY projects?

I embraced it! I made my own wedding invites, ceremony guides and designed and organised centre pieces for tables (with the help of my aunty who is a florist). I scrolled through Pinterest a lot to help with easy ideas.

What traditions did you bring to your wedding?

My mother in law gave me a white lace/silk horse shoe that was attached to her bouquet for me to use. I wasnt 100% what it was for but i thought she would enjoy seeing that i used it. I wore something blue (at that it was on the bottom of my shoe!!) and i not only had my father walk me down the isle but my mother also.

What does marriage mean to you and your husband?

Its a symbol or a way of expressing our commitment to each other. I vowed to always be there for my husband and i will be. Times will be tough, that’s pretty much guaranteed but we are prepared for that and know we can withstand those times when they may arise.

Tell us more about your wedding gown? How did you find it? Who made it? What inspired the design?

I struggled to find many designs i liked whilst dress shopping, the range was rather limited in Perth . I quite liked the idea of wearing a gorgeous white dress that wasn’t necessarily a wedding gown. Eventually i found my gown which was designed and made by Fara Couture. It was actually made for a magazine photoshoot so it was a little off centre in terms of design, it incorporated a lot of layering of lace and sheer material. At the time it wasn’t common to see many sheer wedding gowns unlike todays fashion. Anyway, my mother had to try on the dress as it was way too small for me and i loved it on her!!! So i could only hope it looked half as good on me. I went for dress fittings fairly often ranging between 2 and 3 weeks apart (particularly as the wedding date approached). I originally didn’t picture myself wearing a vale however once i tried it on with the finished dress i just couldn’t resist!

Tell us a little bit more about your accessories and the jewellery you wore? Why did you choose them? Any particularly special or unusual pieces?

This is a funny answer! I knew i wanted to wear simple white pearls in my ears however i hadn’t planned any other jewellery. I actually forgot to remove my watch and tiffany’s bracelet that i wore everyday so that’s what i’m wearing!

What did the groom and groomsmen wear?

Brett and the groomsmen wore grey suit pants, white shirts and matching grey vests. Brett wore a white tie and the groomsmen, silver.

What did the bridesmaids wear?

My bridesmaids wore ivory, sheer Breathless dresses which were altered to their liking and accentuated with matching pieces of lace from my dress. 

Please describe the reception & reception venue? Why did you choose that particular place? What did you love about it? What were the highlights of the reception for you?

Originally i thought i wanted a sit down wedding with amazing food, however from the very beginning Brett had different plans, he wanted a cocktail wedding similar to how my older sister celebrated her wedding in Broome years earlier. I soon realised our guest list was quite extensive and a cocktail reception would be better suited. We both agreed on the location, the Margaret River region of Western Australia. Brett’s family have a holiday house in the region and Brett grew up visiting the area frequently. I wanted to find a venue where i could outsource food and beverages particularly alcohol. The reason for this was my father in law is an avid wine drinker with great connections in the region and my brother in law owns a boutique bottle shop in Perth with connections to the breweries down south. I found the beautiful Dunsborough Cottages online and went to check out the venue, it was ideal in terms of the outdoor area available and the accommodation for family on the same property. The best thing about the area tho was its position high up in the bushlands overlooking the beautiful Yungarra vineyards and Geographe Bay. It was an easy decision, we loved it. Once choosing the venue and organising drinks and catering i realised i really didn’t want a formal wedding reception. I wanted a great big party where we could relax and celebrate with everyone who had made the journey to Dunsborough.

What was the highlight of the wedding day for you? Tell us about any other favourite or particularly memorable/special moments?

I particularly liked getting ready with my family, it was such a gorgeous morning, drinking bubbles and just being so excited for the whole day! Seeing my little nephew walk my niece up the isle with her shoe falling off, I picture my husband having a boogy with his mother on the dance floor and many outrageous late night dance moves from guests. But one of my favourite memories was of my dad, walking out to join the bridal party before we walked down the isle. He was the last to be ready because he had worked tirelessly all morning getting the gardens and reception ready. He walked up still tieing his tie and said to me “you look gorgeous Glencora” and I almost burst out crying…. my bridesmaids started profusely fanning my face to avoid the tears ruining my makeup! 

Did everything go to plan or did you have a few disasters along the way?

Heaps of speed bumps! It started with the photographer scaring the daylights out of me after questioning where my gown was (as she was staring inside an empty dress bag), it turns out the gown, being so delicate had fallen off the hanger and was crumpled at the bottom of the bag! A floral arrangement almost fell on top of my niece during the ceremony then the urn shorted the electrical supply to the whole reception… 3 times!! Napkins weren’t placed on tables - which is a disaster for cocktail weddings and the ceremony books/fans weren’t issued pre-ceremony but at least later in the reception. I’m sure there was more problems but on the day I really didn’t care, I was having a fab day! 

Do you have any tips for brides-to-be who are planning their own luxurious wedding?

Whether you want luxurious and perfectly planned to the minute or a casual, relaxed style gathering, you need to try and forget all expectations on the day. Push the worrying OCD tendencies aside and allow the wedding planner or the person you have trusted to make things flow such as the MC. You will have the best day of your life but you have to live every second.

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