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Sophie + Michel


Ceremony and Reception Location?

The ceremony took place In front of the big old tree in the back paddock at my parents’ house. The reception that followed was behind the big old tree in the back paddock at my parents’ house.

How did you meet and when did you realise it was true love?

We met through friends and I realised it was true love after the very first date.

Tell us about the proposal and the ring?

We both love the outdoors and adventures, so he took me on a boat ride around Sydney Harbour and we stopped off at a few beautiful little coves and beaches, finally when we got to Camp Cove he walked me up the hill onto the headland and had a beautiful picnic set out for us. He proposed then and there as the sun was setting over the city. My ring wasn’t at all what I thought I wanted. I told my bf about the ring I loved and he knew but just decided this one would suit me more. And he was right. I absolutely love it, it’s a million times better than the one I would have chosen.

From the beginning, what kind of wedding did you want? What was your wedding style?

Well I love whimsical, ha-ha I kept telling my mum, midsummer night’s dream cross boho. And we both love the outdoors so we knew we wanted to be married outside while the sun was setting.

What was your theme and colour palette? Why did you choose it? What décor elements did you incorporate throughout the wedding?

My parents live on the south coast of NSW and I grew up playing and running around the big paddock at the back of their house. Its has always been so beautiful there, the beach but the sun sets behind the mountains and the beautiful rolling fields go on as far as you can see. We knew we could create anything more beautiful than nature so we decided to make that our canvas and then just added to it.

I wanted pot plants because I hate throwing away flowers so we planted gardenias and hydrangeas and geraniums. I also wanted lots of beautiful lighting so we filled the big tree with fairy lights and hung festoons out in a 20m radius from the tree.

Did you work with a wedding stylist or planner? If so, tell us a little bit about how they brought your vision to life?

No, I am a bit of a dreamer and have done styling before so I pulled it all together with the help of family and friends.

What décor elements and details were incorporated throughout the day?

Festoons, fairy lights, pot plants scattered everywhere, 2 big old doors covered in ivy as our entrance, really long grass that we mowed a path through as the isle, candles, 2 giant tee pees, random furniture and fabric scattered on the ground around the cheese table.


Holly Lincoln-Smith