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Holly + James

Kathryn Green 

Tell us about how you two met and how that first date led to a proposal?

We met in 2005 after we had finished our final year of school. We were both on a water polo trip in Noosa and when we met we just got on straight away. We both stayed on with friends and met up every night. It wasn’t until 2 weeks later when we agreed to meet up on New Years eve under the Harbour Bridge that we had our first kiss. The rest is history!

How did he propose?

I had just gotten back from a big trip to China and we were house sitting at my parents house which is a beautiful house over looking the water. We had eaten dinner and James hardly ate anything. I then went and had a shower, put a hair treatment in and he grabbed me by the hand and asked me out the back of the house, overlooking the water. I just saw this light beaming and knew straight away before I saw a ring. I walked in and the ring was in a heart shaped ring of candles and he got down on one knee and proposed. I don’t even know if I said yes I was just way too happy and excited! 

How did you start your wedding planning process? Did you already have your dream wedding in mind?

I knew I wanted to get married in Byron Bay. We wanted to have a desination wedding and we couldn’t decide between a beach wedding of a country wedding and in Byron you can do both. I travel a lot and knew I wouldn’t be able to make trips to Byron so I decided to take the stress out of the process that I would get a planner. It was the best ting I ever did and Racheal from The Events Lounge in Queensland was the best thing that ever happened! I wanted to enjoy the process and get to the day and be relaxed. Rach made the possibler! I can imagine I was quite difficult… I knew exactly what I wanted and she made sure I got it!

What was the vibe for your wedding?

I guess boho and very chilled. My friends sung me down the aisle and guests were greeted with cocktail ice blocks. I wanted to set the scene straight away! The things that were really important to me were food, alcohol and music. I also knew what I wanted visually and the venue allowed for me to have that. I just wanted to create an experience where my friends an family could relax and lounge around, drink, eat amazing food and dance the night away!

 Did you embrace or steer clear of any DIY projects?

The only DIY I did was the save the dates… I steared clear!

 What traditions did you bring to your wedding?

We wrote our own vows and I threw a bouquet. Other than that I don’t think it was very traditional. James and I knew what we wanted and we knew marriage for us wouldn’t change too much. We just wanted to host an amazing afternoon and night and spoil our guests. It was easy because we just got to pick all the stuff that we loved!

What does marriage mean to you and your husband?

James and I had been together for over 8 years and to be honest as soon as I met him I knew we would get married. Being able to call James my husband is the best feeling in the world. What all of our guests said about our wedding was that they could feel how much love there was and I am so glad we got to share that with everyone we care most about. Marriage means a new level of commitment and it means we are more of a team.

What was the highlight of your wedding day?

See my parents genuinely so happy and smiling and dancing made my entire day. I still think about how happy they looked and my heart melts a little! Oh, and Watching all the boys take their shirts off half way through dancing (including my dad). We were in this huge barn with amazing fairy lights and everyone was having the best time and they boys just all of a sudden took their shirts off. We have the best photos and I loved seeing everyone just smiling and laughing and having the best time.

 Did everything go to plan or did you have a few disasters a long the way?

Well we were meant to get married on the beach (The Pass, Byron Bay) and as I was getting my make up done my dad called me and told me we couldn’t get married on the beach because the wind was crazy! Sand was flying everywhere and you couldn’t hear anything. I had to make the decision to get married at Gurragawee but the van was about to unpack the ceremony furniture we had caterers going down to the beach, James was walking to the ceremony so we had to organise a car to take him to the venue and we had to arrange for the buses to take everyone to Gurragawee not The Pass. I was luckily that on our invitations all we said was meet at The Beach Hotel at 1 and didn’t give any other details so we didn’t have to chase guests. It was a blessing in disguise and made it so amazing just staying in the one spot for the whole time!

What is some advice you can pass on to brides about to embark on their wedding planning journey?

Firstly, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Expect things so go wrong but just embrace it. Nothing is perfect and if you expect nothing to go wrong they generally do. Everything will work out! Secondly, and the most important thing is to remember that when things are stressful and your worried about what wine to serve or what invitations you are marrying your best friend and the love of your life. Keeop reminding yourself of that because it is so easy to get caught up in planning a ‘wedding’ and not about what the wedding means and how exciting it is to be able to call someone your husband or your wife!

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