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Finding the right photographer to capture your wedding day can be one of the most overwhelming choices. The Little White Wedding Guide will make that job so much easier. Browse through the collection of incredible photographer curated for you.



a nomadic love.

Travellers - Based in L.A and Dallas

The Name of our company “A Nomadic Love” came from our unique love story of us becoming unified as a couple. Every milestone we have had together has been during a traveling time in our relationship. We both run the company as a team and believe in always pushing one another to be the best we can be as photographers. 

Our photography can be best described as natural light photography, as we enjoy shooting in many different unique outdoor locations. Our ideal couples are adventurous, love to travel, and are completely free spirited. We love to listen to every couple’s individual story and what makes them special and portray that through our images of them together. Finding the unique traits of each couples love helps bring out raw emotion that we strive for in our images. 

the story of us. 

Sydney / NSW

The Story of Us is a boutique creative agency with a passion for telling your story. Their photography is crafted to look and feel just like your memories – whimsical, candid and romantic. The Story of Us pride themselves on telling your unique story, creating beautiful, cinematic photographs that feel just like you and capture a moment in time, forever.




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I want The Little White Wedding Guide to be the one stop shop for Brides and Grooms to find their perfect Venue and Vendors from across Australia. To do this I need your help! If you are a Venue or Vendor who would like to be featured on The Little White Wedding Guide, send me an email and we can talk about how to highlight the best of YOU! I would love to constantly be updating and adding to the already amazing list of Venues and Vendors I have to offer. If you want to be a part of this growing list in one of the biggest growing industries in Australia - EMAIL ME!