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How To Elope

If you haven’t thought about eloping then you may not even be getting married! Seriously though, when planning a massive wedding is one option, a really attractive option is to ditch the invites, catering, and table arrangements and run off to The Elopement Collective to get married.

So if you’re wondering how to elope, let me introduce you to the concept.

An elopement is different to a wedding in that at a wedding there are guests, it’s a community event. An elopement on the other hand is not a community event, it’s a personal and intimate event. That’s not to say you’ll be all alone – it’s as common for elopements to be just the couple as it is for them to be joined by a handful of witnesses. 

Witnesses are different to guests, they’re usually more valuable and more lovely. They’re the kind of people you’d invite into your birthing suite or to play your new game console. Salt of the earth kind of people.

An elopement is just the two of you, maybe there’s five to ten witnesses, and a celebrant. A good marriage celebrant, I can recommend myself if you’re looking, will take you to a moment where you can exchange personal and meaningful marriage vows and maybe even some rings. It’s a much more amazing ceremony because it’s not a show for you guests, but an intimate moment of celebrating your marriage.

Then maybe you’ve got a photographer and maybe even a videographer to capture the afternoon, and by the time the sun sets you’re off to a local restaurant or even home to empty bottles of wine and enjoy the company.

Elopements are highly focused moments of celebration on your marriage, and a wedding can be that too, but it has a community focus to it - after all, you have invited your top two hundred Facebook friends!

By Josh Withers and The Elopement Collective


Holly Lincoln-Smith