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A new year means lots of things. New years resolution, a time for change, a new start. For me it means new trends to be seen in the wedding industry. I started to see some new trends popping up towards the end of 2016. A move to more relaxed weddings, starting with a blank canvas and creating a really unique wedding, where guests feel the presence of the couple in everything detail of the day. I love that and it is definitely a trend I see continuing for a long time to come. It means weddings every weekend with your Instagram filled with new ideas you can take for your own wedding! So what are some other trends I foresee for the wedding industry in Australia? Below are a few things along with some inspiration for you and ways you can implement these trends for your wedding!

TeePee and Camping Weddings:

Say goodbye to standard marquee and wedding afternoons and nights and say Hello to luxe Teepees and a wedding weekend of camping/glamping with all of your fave people. Why only celebrate your love for 12 hours? Celebrate for a long weekend and give your guests a wedding to remember. If you are reading this you probably think I am crazy because weddings are expensive as it is. But there are ways to make it look expensive without the hefty price tag just keep reading! 

Who here reading this loves the show Suits? Well, I am a tragic of Mike (Real name is Patrick Adams) and his real life girlfriend Troian Bellisario. When I saw their wedding photos my jaw dropped! They had hired out a campground and set up rows of tents for themselves and their guests. It looked like a festival, except it was a wedding weekend that they had dreamed up. Everything from the dress, her boots she wore and the replacement of a traditional flower crown with a crystal crown was spectacular and made me want to get married all over again and it fit in so well with the camping, farm vibe. It set the scene for a truly magical wedding weekend. 

Although I have come across lots of farm weddings, teepee’s and wedding weekends this was something so special and unique, it was a combination of all of these trends in one! With the addition of the campground set up for the guests it took it to the next level. To make it a full weekend of fun organise a big bonfire on the Friday night, the wedding on the Saturday and then Sunday a wind down, recovery brunch. It is such a great way to spend time with all your friends and family and really celebrate your wedding, not just taking an afternoon and evening to celebrate.

Food + Bar Carts

Following on from the campsite weddings, if you are starting with a blank canvas such as a campsite or a farm style wedding you need to bring in the food. You can either hire caters and with that you will need tables, chairs, silver wear, glass wear, napkins… The list goes on. OR you can organize food trucks and bar carts. I love the idea of getting together a big bunch of rugs, pillows or picnic tables and organising an awesome food truck to set up at your wedding venue. Not only does it take stress out but also it is a much cheaper option and the photos look so good! Have a look at my Real Weddings page and the wedding of Maddie + Pat who did this exact thing. They had live music playing and it let guests interact and mingle while still enjoying food and drinks, rather than sitting down for a formal meal.

A Bar cart is such a great idea as well. It is really hard to know how much alcohol you need to supply for guests. Most bar carts have suppliers they regularly so they can over supply and then have a buy back process for any alcohol you don’t drink (saving you money but making sure everyone is well hydrated). It is also fun to create the perfect bar menu. Owner of the carts will help create the perfect bar menu for your wedding and create signature cocktails for you and your guests. Think Froze for a summer wedding with espresso martinis for dessert. Or keep it traditional with margaritas, a G & T with a twist, or my favourite a Moscow Mule!

Sheer Dresses with Breezy Silhouettes:

Finding a wedding dress is one of the more stressful parts about planning a wedding. There really is so much pressure! There are so many options and you hear so often that the dress you always imagined yourself wearing, is not often the dress you end up going with. I have had friends who swore they would never be caught dead in a strapless dress, but end up falling in love and in the end walking down the aisle in that strapless dress they swore they would never wear. I literally had no idea what dress I was going to love. I didn’t actually try on that many dresses and I ended up narrowing it down to two. One was really formal (my dad loved it). It had boning and lace and it really was a stunning dress. The other option was a silk slip with a tulle overlay. How did I decide between the two? I chose the comfiest dress. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I know myself. I am the kind of person that picks up my friends when I cuddle them, who planned to actually eat and drink at my wedding and who LOVES to dance. I wanted to be able to do all those things and with the corseted dress, I could barely even sit down! This new trend not only looks spectacular, it also it comfortable. It crosses sexy, elegance with the breezy silhouette that lets you dance the night away and stuff your face with your awesome wedding food at the same time.

So the sheer, breezy wedding dress gives brides the WOW factor. This dress fits with a formal wedding, farm/barn weddings and of course beach weddings. Sheer is a scary word I know. You do not want to be flashing your grandparents, but that is not what this trend is about.  The dress isn't see through but when the light hits you can see a hint of silhouette, or with beautiful applique and embellishment covering the parts you only want your husband to see... Brides are definitely going towards more sexy style of wedding dresses and I am all for it. With this sheer and embellished trend brides stay elegant but also a bride can still be that sexy and feminine bride. There are so amazing designers that do this look so well.

If you don’t feel you can get away with a look like this you can always have a slip underneath. This means that you can have the sheer look without exposing too much skin! Below are some beautiful examples of the sheer and breezy wedding dresses that I am obsessed with from designers most of you will know and love to examples from real weddings.

Portrait Illustrations

Something a little outside the box is getting a portrait illustration from your wedding day. I went to an awesome wedding in San Diego in 2015. The gift from the brides’ mum and dad was that they organised an artist to be set up for the day and paint a live drawing of the wedding. The painting was of the wedding reception and the finished product was displayed the next day at the recovery breakfast. It was a surprise to all the guests and was the best gift and something the bride and groom will have hanging up at home for the rest of their lives.

Another friend had the same thing but it was drawn from their bride and grooms favourite wedding photo. It is the most magical photo. I remember seeing it for the first time and my jaw dropped. It was done by New York artist, David Popa (see photo below).  This trend it something really unique and such a special keepsake for the bride and groom.




Charity Gift Registries:

I know that the whole gift thing can be an awkward subject when it comes to weddings. Bottom line is, most guests at a wedding want to be able to give something – it feels weird turning up to a wedding empty handed! Most couple go between three different options, the traditional gift registry, a wishing well or a honeymoon fund/adventures for couples. The registry has definitely started to be less popular. It started because couples used to only buy a house or move in together after they were married. That meant that they needed gifts to help fill their home. Things like fine china, silver wear and glass wear. Most couple these days now live together well before they tie the knot, so their houses are full of everything they need. A wishing well idea comes from being able to give the newly married couple a head start in their marriage. With the average wedding costing around $40k these days, a wishing well does really help to cover at least some of the cost of the wedding.

A new trend I have seen (and something I did for my wedding) was a charity gift registry. James and I stated in the invitation that we did not want gifts but if guests wanted to give us a gift there would be a wishing well. We donated half of what everyone donated to us to The Butterfly Foundation. The Butterfly Foundation is a charity that is close to my heart and supports woman, men and their families struggling from eating disorders. We used the other 50% to help pay for our honeymoon.

I really think that if you feel uncomfortable asking for gifts/donation then a charity gift registry is a great way to go. Pick a charity to is important to both of you. Plus, you will have awesome good karma points :)

Venue Finders:

It is not easy to find your perfect wedding venue. This year I have launched the App The Little White Wedding Guide. The App is designed to make searching for your wedding venue easy. You can filter through location, capacity, style (vineyard, beach wedding, exclusive/private venue etc) and then facilities. You can favourite the venues you have fallen for and send an enquiry directly to the venue. Another feature is that you can call directly from the venue profile and also go to their social media links! Found your dream venue? Share it with your other half, your bridesmaids and your mum so they can all have a look and give you a tick of approval/disapproval.

 The App is available on Apple and Android store NOW! CLICK LINK BELOW -----

APPLE - https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/the-little-white-wedding-guide/id1195768502?mt=8

ANDROID - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iTelaSoft.TheLittleWhiteWedding

Holly Lincoln-Smith